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Design Week Part 2

October 8, 2012

I was resolved to subscribe to Time Out, I really was. Then fate intervened. Starting Sept 25th Time Out is to be distributed for free every Tuesday outside 150 tube stations. Righteous! It’s like I’m being rewarded for taking in Design Week at two venues. You saw the Sound Portal. Now check out the installations at the sublime V&A Museum of decorative arts.

Cloistered in the British Galleries was Ice Angel,“an interactive art work that gives each participant a glimpse of him or herself in angelic form…”

It’s based on the whole snow angel thing, obviously, but these wings are uniquely digital. Wish I’d got some. As I’m sure you can tell, these aren’t mine…

Up by glass and ceramics I found Swarm Study: “illuminated brass rods controlled by a complex algorithm” (God, those are everywhere these days). Climbing the stairs triggered a tracking camera to stimulate the lights. The effect was also quite angelic…

Way down in the learning centre, in a normally inaccessible back staircase, one encountered The Journey of a Drop. The ink drops started up here…

And landed here…

You could take a closer look with these…

Or just focus on the echoey plops.

Funny how spiritual design gets when it’s good. And unmoored from a lot of function. Diamandini truly caught my fancy. She’s a giant figurine of a robot, whose look is intended to combine “elements of classical sculpture with futuristic undertones.” Diamindini has what’s called a dialogical approach…”When a spectator approaches her, she responds physically by turning towards the person and gently moving closer to them or by avoiding the person and floating in the opposite direction.” Sounds like me during my Bonn International High School semester. Anyhow, Diamandini came courtesy of the robotics department at The University of Sydney. Something tells me those guys would know why their very first camera video came out sideways??? Hope your computer tilts.

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